Choral Studies Faculty

Karen Kennedy

Assoc. Professor

(305) 284-2241
Frost North Studio Wing
5499 San Amaro Dr
Room 129
Quote Regardless of whether I’m on the podium or in the audience, the best performances always generate an addictive combination of physical exhilaration and emotional exhaustion.  I hope to join my students, both the singers and the conductors, in pursuit of generating unforgettable musical experiences that celebrate,...

Corin T. Overland

Asst. Professor Prof. Practice

(305) 284-1397
Frost North Studio Wing
5499 San Amaro Dr
Room 123
Quote Everything you can do is because at one time someone cared enough to show you how it was done.   K. Kohase Biography Corin Overland is Assistant Professor of Professional Practice at the Frost School of Music, where he teaches courses in choral music education and choral conducting. Dr. Overland specializes in the study...

Coreen Sylvia Duffy


(305) 284-4162
Volpe Classroom Bldg
5489 San Amaro Dr
Room 202B